About Newfoundlands

Finding A Puppy


A warning sign

Do you REALLY want to own a Newfoundland?

The Newfoundland has a wonderful reputation as a strong yet gentle, devoted, protective and a faithful companion. They are rightly known as 'gentle giants' but there are some things you should know about owning a Newfoundland ...
  • I am very hairy and require masses of regular GROOMING!
  • You need to have a considerable amount of time on your hands to groom a newfie. They have a dense double coat that easily tangles and knots so you need to keep on top of this. Failure to groom correctly can result in major skin problems. It's particularly important to groom thoroughly around the ears and under the tail where faeces can collect in the long coat. Newfies can smell if not they are not bathed and groomed regularly. Lack of coat care can result in considerable distress to the dog and to your pocket when you are met with large veterinary bills.

  • I love getting wet and muddy!
  • Newfoundlands have webbed feet and love water, they enjoy swimming (although there are a few that don't). The amount of mud and mess that their big feet and heavy coats can bring in is phenomenal. Newfoundlands are like large sponges, they collect the rain and mud then wait till they come indoors to shake and nothing is spared, floors, walls, furniture and meals if you happen to have one on the table.

  • I DROOL and my slobber can hit the ceiling if I try hard!
  • No home will be free of slobber. A newfie will come in after a nice walk, meal or drink and shake his head and you will be amazed at the amount of slobber that is now draped on your furniture, clothes, walls and ceilings

  • I need masses of SPACE in your house and garden!
  • Large dogs deposit a large amount of waste usually in the middle of your flower bed. You must clean up regularly or your exercise area will soon become an unpleasant minefield.

  • My oily waterproof coat will MARK YOUR WALLS!
  • If you are house proud then a Newfoundland will NOT be the dog for you.

  • I need lots of exercise in the country, long walks and SWIMMING!
  • You need time walk your Newfie every day. They love long country walks especially near rivers, lakes or the sea.

  • I need lots of LOVE and ATTENTION from my people!
  • Newfoundlands are very good with children and can be very protective of them if need be, their temperament should be reliable and loving. A Newfie loves companionship, so if you work full time and expect to leave your Newfie alone for long periods then this is NOT the breed for you.

  • A small family car isn't going to be suitable for transporting a Newfoundland. They need space to settle comfortably and easy access to enter and exit the vehicle.

  • I am an expert DIGGER, forget your lovely garden!
  • Garden, what garden? Enjoy your garden before your Newfie arrives as it won't survive intact for long. Newfies love digging and when you plant that lovely new shrub, two minutes later you will find your Newfie replanting it on your settee. A lot of plants are poisonous so you must to check that your garden is safe and securely fenced.

  • I hate being HOT, so central heating OFF, windows OPEN, even in winter!
  • Newfoundlands have a heavy coat designed to keep them warm in freezing climates and cold water. They love snow and cold weather and hate being hot. In hot weather they MUST have a cool place to rest ... heat stroke can happen quickly and can be fatal.

  • Worry about your CARPETS, I will wreck them! You need non-slip tiles!
  • Newfies shed a large amount of hair that seems to find it's way everywhere, it clings to carpets, curtains, furniture, clothes. Meals will never be the same, newfie hairs will turn up in your food with regularity. How newfie hair finds its way into your pre-packed sandwiches is one of life's great mysteries!

  • I COST a lot to feed, and my VETERINARY BILLS are vast!
  • Feeding can be expensive. A big dog, particularly a growing puppy, will need considerable amounts of quality food. Failure to feed correctly can result in bone and growth problems in puppies. Bear in mind this is a giant breed, tins of dog food are NOT adequate. Excessive or inapprorpiate feeding must be avoided as too much body weight can damage the joints.

  • I must be trained and learn good manners
  • Good training from an early age is NOT optional. Consider attending proper dog training classes before your dog gets too large to handle. A fully grown newfie can easily weigh more than a human and is powerfully built; if they says we go there, you will go there too unless they have been taught some manners.

  • My mum and dad MUST be hip scored and heart tested by ECHO DOPPLER!
  • There are serious health issues which can affect Newfoundlands so health screening of parents is ESSENTIAL.

  • Club members who breed puppies should abide by a Code of Ethics which assures new owners of levels of care taken in the breeding and rearing of puppies and a level of ongoing support.